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About Us...

- Wayne Strickler, Author -

This is Wayne's first book. He hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he did writing it. Please check back here soon to find out more about his next book,

"Olivia The Otter's Swimming School".

- Jocelyn Sandor Urban, Illustrator -

Jocelyn Sandor Urban is an illustrator located in Nantucket, MA.

To see more of Jocelyn's work, click HERE

Dear Teachers, Parents, Grandparents. et al.

I first thought of an eagle being afraid to fly when I was at the San Diego Zoo, and I watched an eagle sitting quietly on a branch, watching the world go by. What a funny idea – an eagle who was afraid to fly! And viola, Everest was born! And, after about 10 iterations, here is the result.

The illustrator, Joceyln Sandor, is an acclaimed equine artist well-known on the East Coast.

I hope you enjoy reading about Everest as much as we have enjoyed creating his story, and, if you do, please tell your friends! Word-of-mouth is the best way to get Everest's story out.

Thank you,

Wayne Strickler

Bald Eagle-1.jpg
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