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About Townsend Books...

Townsend Books is a collaboration between

Author Wayne Strickler and

Illustrator Jocelyn Sandor Urban.

Check here often for more books from this up and coming team.


“My favorite is Everest The Eagle. A very inspiring and uplifting story about an Eagle who is afraid to fly. The beauty of the story is the lesson it teaches which is, in order to grow up, we must learn to overcome our (childhood) fears. The illustrations by artist

Jocelyn Sandor Urban are simply wonderful!"

– Mike Peterson, Tech Guru

"I am in tears … this story has SO touched my heart as it will everyone who reads it and oh my GOD - the illustrations are out of this world. You have the fabulous gift of illustrating in the same tone of whatever book you are illustrating. I can’t wait to buy Everest for our family and all my friends. Everest will soar!"

– Anonymous Reviewer

“As a pre-school teacher, I look forward to buying the book and reading it to my students.”

– Pre-school teacher

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